GET INVOLVED: Support close range or from a distance

To invest in the future of young people, you can become a partner in the following ways:

1. You can either  donate funds (for school fees, skills acquisition, sports wears & gears, radio airtime, with which urgent circumstances are made known to the public for possible supporters and donors)


Adopt an indigent teenager/youth and take up responsibility for mentoring, nurturing and funding his/her affairs


Physically or virtually mentor a teenager/youth

Every donation made to Teen Africa is a direct investment into young people’s futures. Specifically, you will be contributing directly to create an environment free of violence, crime, gangsterism, prostitution, hooliganism, misogyny etc. amongst youths. Creating education opportunities, decreasing the number of young people unable to find gainful employment, the improved physical health and fitness of young people, well-rounded education of young people where sports and entertainment are a part of their training.


For Programme Sponsorship, Partnership, Technical Support, Consultancies further information or enquiries:

Kobi Ikpo, Ms.



4 Ezilo Street, Impala plaza, Independence Layout, Enugu

Desk phone: 09098481572. Cell: 07056310848

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 The Teenage Development for Africa (Teen Africa) is a pan African not-for-profit, gender based, education youth development organization.


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