Our Gender Programme

Over the years, many cultures, traditions and religions have justified gender inequality. Such teachings and practices have with time, become abusive tools used to subjugate and control women and girls and to deny their full human rights. Teen Africa through its safe space programmes creates awareness amongst teenage school boys (between the ages of 12 and 18 years) of the ills of such cultural practices. The idea being to develop a crop of teenage boys willing to and able to interrogate, challenge and voluntarily discard patriarchal structures within society.


Our Service Initiatives

The following are our service initiatives:

Volunteer Club Programme (VOC): 
Teen Africa relies heavily upon volunteers with whom it works towards common goals.

Physical Safe Space Programme (PSSP)

Teen Africa safe space trainings are designed to operate as informal co-curricular activities designed to operate alongside formal school curriculums and settings so as to create a safe environment for students to feel free to express themselves.

Club Formation Programmes (CFP)

Establishing clubs in secondary schools forms one of our strategic modes of operation. We recognize the critical role students as young people can play as agents of change both within the school and the wider community.

Facilitation Training Programme (FTP)

Teen Africa is involved in the retraining of teachers of primary and post primary secondary school institutions. In this regard, facilitation trainings are available for the different categories of persons.

Cultism Awareness Programmes (CAP)

Teen Africa is involved in creating awareness amongst secondary school students in Enugu State on the ills of cultism. It also works to create cultism awareness campaigns, amongst secondary school students.


boy supportive,
girl affirmative

TeenAfrica Address

4 Ezilo Street, Impala plaza,
Independence Layout, Enugu

Office Hours

Monday – Friday
8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Phone & E-mail

234 705 631 0848

 The Teenage Development for Africa (Teen Africa) is a pan African not-for-profit, gender based, education youth development organization.


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