The Teen Africa Service Offering includes:

1.    Life-Skills Training Programmes (LISTRAP):

We provide a series of Life-Skills Training Programmes (LISTRAP) under our safe space programme designed to improve the well-being and development of young people in the following areas:

a.     General Core Life Skills and Competencies:

•        Respect for self and others

•        Interpersonal skills (empathy, compassion)

•        Managing emotions

•        Health and Wellness

•        Personal responsibility (including dependability, integrity, and work ethics)

•        Positive attitude and self-motivation

•        Conflict management

•        Citizenship

•        Personal Appearance Skills

•        Assertiveness and self esteem

•        Communication (listening, verbal, and written)

•        Cooperation and teamwork

•        Critical thinking and problem solving

•        Decision making

•        Relationship skills etc

•        Literacy and numeracy skills


b.     Workplace Preparedness (Life Skills for Job-Seekers)

·       Planning and organizational skills (including time and financial management)

·       Career assessment skills

·       Job-searching skills

·       CV and cover letter writing skills

·       Interview skills

·       Image/appearance

·       Foreign languages (e.g., Business English/French)

·       Computer/IT skills and Use Technology at Work, Home and on Social platforms

·       Home and Food Skills


c.      Life Skills for Employed Youth

·       Workplace behavior and protocols

·       Planning and organizational skills (including time and financial management)

·       Customer-relations skills

·       Research skills

·       Financial literacy

·       Personal leadership

·      Workplace rights and responsibilities


d.     Life Skills for Potential Entrepreneurs

•        Business plan development

•        Personal leadership

•        Management skills (including employee, supplier, and program management)

•        Risk-taking

•        Coping with failure

•        Market research skills

•        Financial management

•        Grant and proposal writing


2. Livelihood Skills Training Programme (LIVESTRAP): 

Teen Africa in collaboration with other organizations provides livelihoods skills training to ensure self-reliance, wealth creation and economic outcomes for youths through agribusiness, arts and technology. 

Focus areas of the Livelihood Skills Training Programme (LIVESTRAP) include:

i. Coding

ii. Media/IT Business and Web Design

iii. Phone/Computer Hardware Engineering

iv. Software Development/Engineering

v. Desktop Publishing and Graphics Designs

vi. Photograph/Video Technology

vii. Catering and Events Management

viii. Clothing/Fashion Design

ix. Arts and crafts

x. Clothing/Fashion Design

xi. Furniture making & Design

xii. Creative Art Works/Designs

xiii. Cosmetics/Detergents/Paint Making, etc.


3. Teens for Change Training Programme: (T4C):

Under this initiative, Teen Africa works with and engages young people as agents of change to promote community and youth development issues in the society using social accountability tools. This is achieved through provision of youth-friendly services such as:


i. Media and Public Education Campaigns/Rallies

ii. Debates and Essay Competition

iii. Art Exhibitions/ Sports Competitions (Football, Tennis, Track events)

iv. Seminars/Youth Forums/Community Outreaches

v. Secondary School-based Club Activities (Teen Africa Clubs), etc. 


The focus areas for the Teens for Change Training Programme: (T4C) shall include among others:


i. Youths Rights & Governance

ii. Rights and Responsibilities of Youth

iii. Civic Participation and Community Development

iv. Youth, Violence and Crime (Anti-Cultism)

v. Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship 

vi. Youth and Health/HIV/AIDs 

vii. Leadership and Youth Development

viii. Gender Equality and Gender-Based Violence (GBV)


ix. Menstrual Hygiene Management



 The Teenage Development for Africa (Teen Africa) is a pan African not-for-profit, gender based, education youth development organization.


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